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Powerful Web Filtering Appliances
The iPrism Web Filter delivers comprehensive, policy-driven Web filtering by combining software flexibility and scalability with the security and control of an appliance-based solution. The iPrism h-Series high-performance appliances are designed to enhance iPrism Web filtering capabilities now as well as prepare for new features and functionality in the future.

The compact, 1U, h-Series appliances are compatible with all supported versions of the iPrism Web Filter operating software. The powerful h-Series appliances deliver blazing throughput speeds ranging from 10 to 100 Mbps depending on the model you choose. With a variety of models available to suit your requirements, the iPrism Web Filter is designed to fit any size organization and even the largest pipelines. The iPrism Web Filter, delivered via the h-Series appliances, provides powerful, comprehensive Web filtering to organizations ranging from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses.

10h Web Filtering Appliance

The iPrism 10h delivers superior Web filtering results to small organizations and includes the same hardened and optimized OS, high-performance components and ease-of-use you have come to expect from the iPrism Web Filter. The 10h is ideal for organizations with 1-175 workstations, although other factors such as Web usage and bandwidth size are also important points to consider when choosing the right model for your organization. If you are looking for network failover capabilities, consider upgrading to the 20h.

20h Web Filtering Appliance

The iPrism 20h is the model that comes after the 10h and includes more processing power, double the memory size and a 1 Gbps network failover card for added protection. It is an ideal choice to handle the Web filtering needs of small and medium-sized organizations that have greater bandwidth requirements. If you are looking for a server-grade appliance with redundant power and RAID storage, consider upgrading to the 30h.

30h Web Filtering Appliance

The iPrism 30h is the next step after the 20h but it represents a leap in power and features. With a full 1U chassis, a 1 Gbps failover NIC, a Dual-Core Xeon processor, Dual Hot-Swap Power and 250 GB (times-2) RAID, the 30h can handle more users and a bigger pipeline. If you need more Web filtering speed, consider the 50h or 100h models.

50h Web Filtering Appliance

The iPrism 50h is the next model after the 30h and represents a significant upgrade in power and capacity. Like the 30h, the 50h is a full 1U chassis with the 1 Gbps failover NIC, Dual Hot-Swap Power and 250 GB (times-2) RAID. In addition, with its Quad-Core Xeon processor and more RAM, the 50h has twice the processing power of the 30h and is capable of handling medium to large-sized enterprises with large pipelines. If you are looking for an even faster Web filtering experience, consider our most powerful appliance, the 100h.

100h Web Filtering Appliance

The iPrism 100h is the powerhouse h-series model, able to handle the Web filtering needs of the largest enterprises. It boasts a Dual Quad-Core Xeon processor and 4 GB of RAM and comes with 500 GB (time-2) of RAID storage, making it our fastest and largest capacity appliance. For organizations requiring maximum speed, storage and scalability, the 100h appliance is the perfect choice to handle Web Filtering across a large enterprise.