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Seamless Directory Integration

Active Directory and LDAP Authentication
iPrism Web Filter makes administration easy for IT professionals by seamlessly integrating with all major network directories including Novell Netware Directory Services (NDS), Windows Active Directory and even MAC clients using AD 2003/2008. Also, as an LDAP variant, it is possible to integrate iPrism Web Filter with OSX Server Open Directory. These enhancements enable support for group-to-profile mapping, group-to-privileges mapping, iPrism Auto-Login and profile assignment, and the option of secure communications.

LDAP Support                  

The iPrism Web Filter now supports LDAP v.3 as well as LDAP and LDAP v.2 authentication. LDAP is an industry standard protocol and is supported by most major vendors and operating systems. By enabling LDAP v.3 compatibility, users of OpenLDAP no longer need to force v.2.

Novell Netware Directory Services (NDS)

The iPrism Web Filter enables support for Auto-Login, profile mapping, privilege mapping and secure communications when using Novell eDirectory as the LDAP server and Novell login clients on user machines.

iPrism Web Filter Supports Active Directory

iPrism now supports Active Directory 2008 authentication. By adding support for LDAP v.3 and using Kerberos protocol, AD08 users can seamlessly authenticate to the iPrism with a secure Microsoft authentication method. When using Windows Authentication, the Auto-Login feature automatically obtains user credentials from the workstation using Kerberos. This means users do not have to manually provide credentials to iPrism. iPrism is able to authenticate users with a secure, native protocol when they are logged into a domain trusted by iPrism's configured domain controller. This allows the client browsers to respond to Windows authentication requests from iPrism with no intervention by the user.

MAC Client Authentication

The iPrism Web Filter now offers seamless integration for MAC clients using AD2003/2008 by allowing them to take advantage of Auto-Login from OSX (Tiger and Leopard) clients. You can achieve authentication by binding the clients to the same AD server as the iPrism Web Filter, using Directory Utility and enable Active Directory (version 1.6.4). If you use AD2003/2008 but you do not bind, you can take advantage of a locally cached credential with a one-time prompt from iPrism when using OSX (Tiger and Leopard) clients.

Find detailed instruction for iPrism Web Filter's easy authentication in our Knowledgebase.

Session-Based Authentication

The iPrism Web Filter Offers Significant Advantages in Citrix Environments
iPrism's unique "session-based" authentication technology allows for auto-login, which simplifies the authentication process in a distributed environment. This feature makes it an ideal solution for Citrix users. When this feature is deployed, iPrism allows users to maintain their productivity without incessant authentication requests, ensuring that uniform policy application and enforcement are being enabled across your organization.