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FreeBSD-Based Operating System

The iPrism Web Filter uses FreeBSD as the basis for its hardened and optimized operating system. FreeBSD was chosen because it offers better performance and more security and compatibility features than many other operating systems in use today.

Because iPrism has its own OS, it can provide complete interoperability with any platform you are using. By employing the exceptional stability of the FreeBSD OS, EdgeWave has built an iPrism platform that is customized and configured to run uninterrupted on our h-Series appliances, ensuring continuous Web filtering protection from the moment of deployment. Also, as a completely self-contained solution, iPrism is transparent to the end-user and can be installed into any network without additions to workstations or any added software.

Neither network architecture changes nor alterations to existing firewalls and/or routers are required to operate iPrism in its most common installation, transparent bridge mode. Operating iPrism in the less common proxy mode requires minor modifications to network routers and a slightly longer installation time. However, iPrism offers IT administrators the option of multiple deployment modes making it one of the most flexible and extensible Web filtering solutions on the market. (See Transparent Bridge Mode Deployment and Proxy Mode Deployment)

Kernel-Level Filtering

As a dedicated appliance-based Web filter with its own OS, iPrism can deliver faster, more accurate filtering with no latency. This is accomplished with Kernel level filtering that, unlike software-based filters, operates from the kernel level rather than the slower application level, giving you the speed of pass-by with the accuracy of pass-through filtering. (See kernel-level filtering).
iPrism Offers Hack-Proof Security

Another advantage of a hardened and optimized OS is security. The iPrism Web Filter is commonly installed between your firewall and internal systems with all Internet traffic routed through it. This positions iPrism as your strongest defense against Internet-based threats, a claim that has been borne out in thousands of deployments worldwide -- iPrism has never been hacked.