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Release the Power of Social Media at the Office

Many businesses are finding that using social media sites can improve their connection to industry, with their partners, vendors and employees. In a McKinsey survey of US corporate leaders, 69% of them report significant business gains from using social media, including:

  • Increased Revenue
  • More effective Marketing
  • Lower Cost of Ownership

However, by allowing access to social media in the workplace, potential risks are exposed such as brand damage, cyberharassment, productivity loss, and security threats. Social media security can become a problem. How can you tap into the power of social media and mitigate the risks?

EdgeWave Social Delivers Comprehensive Social Media Security

EdgeWave Social media security solutions allow companies to seamlessly monitor, filter and report on end-user interactions with social media applications through granular, policy-driven controls. Rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach to popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Social Media Security enables real-time policy matching and enforcement across your organization. For more informatino about our innovative social media security services, find detailed information below.

EdgeWave Secure Browser.
EdgeWave Social Media Security.

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