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iPrism Web Filter Reporting Features

Accurate Filtering Means Accurate Reporting
Most software-based solutions use "pass-by" filtering technology. The trouble with pass-by is that it can be overwhelmed when Internet traffic is high, resulting in missed packets. If a packet slips past your filtering solution, so does the opportunity to report on it because, from the solution's perspective, the event never occurred. However, the reality is that the event did occur and because of this scenario you have introduced doubt into the accuracy of your reporting.

With iPrism's next-generation kernel-level filtering and transparent bridge deployment, you no longer have to worry about missed packets and you can ensure that your reports are generated from accurate and reliable data, and presented in a meaningful format.

Comprehensive Reporting That's Easy-to-Use

iPrism's on-box reporting package includes tools such as the Report Wizard that make obtaining and presenting the information you need easy and intuitive. Using the Report Wizard, you can create a report from scratch or use a pre-existing report template. The Wizard walks you through all the necessary steps from the criteria you want to apply through to a finished report. You can create reports for multiple types of traffic including HTTP, IM and P2P so you are assured thorough reporting coverage of your entire organization.

Tabular Views Mean Drill-Down Efficiency

The iPrism reporting package is the only solution that offers tabular reporting views as you drill down. This means that you can create a report, drill-down to a different view, and access your previous view via tabs along the top of the screen. This unique feature gives you the maximum flexibility to explore your data dynamically, without running multiple reports or losing unsaved reports. It also allows you to quickly compare data between multiple reports.

Drill-down Reporting View

Real-Time Monitoring (RTM)

With this features you can monitor your traffic on-demand, whether HTTP, IM or P2P. And you can configure RTM to monitor all or per-user traffic or only those critical events occurring outside of your acceptable use policy or security policies. In those cases, RTM becomes an important diagnostic tool, helping you determine where security holes have opened and where policy violations are occurring

iPrism Report Guide

The iPrism report guide is a detailed look at the iPrism reporting package and its components. Learn how to use the power of iPrism reporting to build and present precise, reliable and useful reports on all of your organization's Internet activity. In addition, you can monitor your Internet traffic in real-time and in multiple views. The iPrism robust reporting package is unrivalled in its comprehensiveness... plus, it's all on-box!

 Download a PDF of the iPrism Report Guide and review its outstanding features.