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Employee Monitoring

When employees engage in non-work related activities during work hours, productivity loss is just one of the consequences. The media is full of stories of companies that have had to pay huge settlements because employees downloaded offensive materials from the Internet that threatened other employees. Other issues such as loss of intellectual property or compromising sensitive customer data can result in lost revenue or huge fines if regulatory requirements are breached. There's no question that failing to implement some sort of employee monitoring of Web behavior at work, can result in significant losses.

First Step is an Acceptable Use Policy

An essential part of any employee monitoring strategy is a strong and comprehensive Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). With a signed policy in place, employees are agreeing to abide by company policies and acknowledging that they will be subject to monitoring. A strong AUP protects your company and also puts employees on notice that their activities during work hours are open to examination.

How Tough Should You be with Employee Monitoring?

Employers should have some discretion when embarking on employee monitoring. A system of monitoring employees that takes into account employee morale, building company loyalty and other factors that can affect retention should be considered. You may want a system in place that gives some groups greater leeway than others because of job function or seniority. Or, you may want to give all employees more latitude during their lunch hours and breaks. A strategy for employee monitoring should include a solution that will give you the flexibility you need to enhance your work environment while helping enforce your AUP.

iPrism is the Answer

The iPrism Web Filter is the award-winning appliance-based filtering solution that gives you the enforcement power you want and the flexibility you need. With iPrism, you get the employee internet monitoring tools necessary to enforce your AUP and assure that your sensitive data and intellectual property are protected from employee threats whether intentional or accidental. iPrism's powerful h-series appliances include models that can handle any size organization with any size pipeline so that Web performance is never an issue. Its flexible configurations allow you to give access to groups and individuals as you choose, delivering a solution that easily conforms to your company's requirements. Comprehensive drill down reporting takes you from an overview of your entire company's Internet activity down to individual users within seconds. You can also monitor employees and your bandwidth usage as it occurs with real time reporting. Employee monitoring of Internet activity is now a given. The iPrism Web Filter gives you the power and flexibility to enforce your AUP and support your overall business goals.