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iPrism Web Filter Aggregate Reporting

On-Premises Reporting with Enterprise Reporting Server (ERS)
Accurate and secure Internet filtering is a vital part of managing your organization's Internet access. But the only way to ensure that your Acceptable Use and Security Policies are being reliably enforced is through fast, comprehensive and archivable reporting. The iPrism Enterprise Reporting Server (ERS for iPrism) takes reporting to a whole new level. Designed for the requirements of distributed networks in education, corporations and professional organizations with multiple iPrism Web Filter deployments, ERS for iPrism delivers accurate detailed reports at speeds unrivalled by any other solution in the industry.

iPrism Web Filter comes with on-box web usage reporting. Where just one iPrism is deployed or in multiple deployments that don't require centralized reporting, the included reporting will be sufficient to meet your needs.

However, if your organization has multiple locations, each requiring an individual Internet filtering solution, ERS for iPrism is the web usage reporting solution you've been looking for. ERS delivers aggregate network reporting at phenomenal speeds and with pinpoint accuracy for an unlimited number of iPrism Web Filters. ERS for iPrism allows you to generate cumulative reports that cover your entire distributed network in minutes. Or, you can easily drill-down to individual users as necessary. No other solution gives you the visibility into your system-wide Internet usage that ERS for iPrism provides.

Here's how ERS helps you support your corporate AUP and Security Policy:

  • ERS supports over 100 million events generated per day from all iPrisms. You won't worry about hitting a threshhold when you need enterprise-wide results.
  • ERS contains storage capacity for more than 2 billion web access and IM/P2P events. You can generate reports that cover long-term usage and retain reports previously run, which can help elucidate trends and usage by location, individual user, or across your entire organization.
  • ERS can generate reports faster than any other competitive solution. Depending upon your environment and the report selected, your reports are ready for viewing up to 50X times faster than any other solution on the market. You won't waste your valuable IT resources waiting for even large enterprise-wide reports - ERS delivers them within minutes.
  • ERS provides reporting flexibility that allows you to schedule mutliple reports to run any time you choose, while easily generating on-demand reports at the same time. This gives you instant access to a multitude of on-demand reports and leaves standing reports to run as scheduled.
  • ERS failover features reach a new level in data protection. It has a dual-power supply so data cannot be lost under even the most adverse conditions. The hot-swappable RAID 10 hard drives mean your data is always protected because you never have to power down to solve problems.
  • The new ERS graphical user interface makes choosing report templates easy. It supports all of iPrism's report types so you won't spend time hunting for the report you need - each iPrism report type is easily accessible from the GUI.
  • With the unified ERS interface, you can see log acquisition status and statistics such as last event time, total number of events and more, for any or all iPrism appliances deployed throughout your organization's locations.
  • ERS automatically indexes the database every night you can generate previous-day reports. This feature allows next-day reporting across all your iPrism deployments organization-wide.
  • Although ERS enables system-wide reporting on multiple deployments of iPrism, you can still generate on-box reports from individual iPrisms whenever you choose.