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Mobile Device Security Solutions

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With the fast spread of mobile device connectivity, businesses are finding they have more employees connecting to the Internet from mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, than from their office computer. Corporations and organizations are dealing with mobile security by either adopting BYOD, Bring Your Own Device), or by providing team members with company-owned mobile devices, mobile phones, tablets and laptops. With increased use comes increased risks, and EdgeWave undrestands this better than anyone else.

EdgeWave's unique Mobile Device Security systems integrate with Web and social media security products to provide complete protection across your organization, linking all your users securely by managing key acceptable use policies (AUP), compliance mandates and protecting your bottom line. EdgeWave features the only Secure Content Management provider for comprehensive Internet and mobile security tools for mobile devices. EdgeWave Mobile Device Security's flexible integration options and fluid compatibility means you can offer your employees the benefit of mobile connectivity at work, without the risks.

  • EdgeWave features cross-platform, mobile device Web Security and Social Media Security for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets (including Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 and Samsung tablets), Android phones, Windows laptops, and MacBooks.
  • Enforce policies for mobile users via EdgeWave Mobile Device Management or deploy EdgeWave security using your existing Mobile Device Management solution.
  • Compatible with your company's mobile device AUP, whether BYOD or business-owned mobile devices.
  • EdgeWave mobile security solutions are easy to configure, offering streamlined mobile device security integration with iPrism Web Filter, Social Media Security and iPrism Remote Filter.
  • Our mobile security solutions enable granular policy enforcement across your organization, while remaining transparent to end-users.
  • They reduce the cost and complexity of supporting mobile assets to assure acceptable use policy and regulatory mandate compliance.
  • Supports increased productivity and employee satisfaction by seamlessly managing employee Internet access with no latency, whether on personal or corporate mobile devices.
  • Accommodates secure corporate sponsored mobile devices or a Bring Your Own Device policy.

Mobile Security Tools

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