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Appliance plus Software is Best
The iPrism Web Filter offers you the security of a high-performance appliance PLUS the flexibility and scalability of a feature-rich, software-based solution. iPrism's hardened and optimized operating system and unique kernel-level filtering combine with the most powerful appliances on the market to bring you comprehensive, accurate and secure Web access management, with no latency.

Here's why an appliance plus software is your best choice:

  • Completely Self-Contained Solution - iPrism combines all management and reporting features on one appliance with all functions easily accessed through a single management console. Software solutions often require a second server to handle reporting.
  • Plug and Play Technology - Because it has its own hardened and optimized OS, the iPrism Web Filter is completely OS agnostic and can be installed and fully operating within minutes on any platform. Software solutions, which are complex and must be integrated with your OS, can require a great deal of IT manpower before they are fully deployed.
  • Troubleshooting is Easy - With a software-only solution it may take time and resources to pinpoint where you are having issues - is it the application? the OS? the server? the server hardware? With iPrism, one call to our Technical Support Team quickly resolves your request.

iPrism Unmatched Security and Stability

No software solution can ever match the security and stability of an Internet filtering appliance. Its secure connections and hardened OS make it impervious to external threats and security breaches. In addition, even internal corruption due to power loss or disconnect aren't a problem for iPrism because it's been optimized for uptime and rapid reboot.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

iPrism is affordably priced and as a dedicated Internet filtering appliance, there is no need for any additional software or hardware. With virtually no maintenance required, iPrism frees IT personnel to focus on other security issues. Initial acquisition cost is lower, renewal cost is lower, and there is no a la carte pricing:
  • No additional hardware, software, integration appliance/firewall
  • Low care and feeding reduces impact on IT personnel
  • One stop for technical support reduces impact on IT personnel
  • Next day RMA, not weeks of technical support back and forth