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Unparalleled Accuracy with the iGuard Database
iGuard Analysts

iPrism Web Filter is the only Internet filtering solution on the market that uses a one-hundred percent human-reviewed database, known as iGuard. This means that each site rated by iGuard has a higher degree of accuracy when compared to heuristic analysis or blended classification technologies, resulting in better enforcement of your acceptable use policy and increased ability to mitigate risks.

Flexible Policy Creation

iPrism Web Filter lets administrators create policies based on website category, user, and time of day providing very fine-grained control over web access by end-users. This flexibility is necessary to balance your company's need to regulate bandwidth and acceptable use against users' desires. "Video snacking" is the name of the new phenomenon where employees will eat lunch at their desks and watch videos online. iPrism lets administrators allow this without letting it become an all-day problem.

Over 80 Categories for Maximum Flexibility

iGuard categorizes sites into more than 80 groups and allows the creation of custom categories for flexible policy setting. You receive daily database updates and hourly updates on sites that contain spyware, malware, and phishing. In addition to the typical categories for restricting access to adult content, gambling, dating and the like, iGuard also categorizes Anonymizer websites, so users can't avoid policy enforcement through anonymous surfing; malware sites, to keep users from having their computers infected; and web-based email and IM sites so you can control personal email and IM use, if necessary.

 View a detailed list of the iGuard categories and definitions

Automated Rating Protocol and SafeSearch

iPrism Automated Rating Protocol (iARP), sends your organization's most frequently accessed unrated URLs directly to the iGuard analyst team at EdgeWave where they can be categorized and added to your database in order to create local filters. This not only further refines the filtering process, it can also reduce management costs. SafeSearch blocks thumbnail images on Google searches, an important consideration for schools where students need protection or any organization wanting to avoid the legal ramifications of objectionable Web images in the workplace.

Automatic Updates Keep you Secure

iPrism keeps your organization protected from new URLs by sending updates to your database automatically every day. The critical Security category covering spyware, malware and phishing is updated hourly.