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Internet Protection for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Assuring secure communications, network and system integrity and business continuity in today's global economy is more critically important than ever. As technology continues to accelerate the ability to move products and services, anything that interferes with the stability of your business processes can have an immediate and significant effect on your bottom line.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
The iPrism Web Filter offers small and medium-sized businesses secure and affordable Web content management in a high-performance appliance-based technology. iPrism is the easiest-to-use Web filtering solution deploys within minutes and protects networks and employees at the perimeter.

A Comprehensive Solution

A comprehensive approach to Web access management is the best way to make the Internet a tool for achieving your business goals rather than an obstacle. The iPrism Web Filter delivers the multi-layered solution required in today's demanding business environments, combining dynamic malware, spyware and URL blocking, secure policy enforcement and scalability in an easy-to-use, maintenance-free appliance-based technology.

The iPrism Web Filter offers unrivalled protection from Internet-based threats in a self-contained solution that can affordably accommodate your organization's requirements:

Simple and Easy-to-Use
The iPrism Web Filter can be installed and configured within minutes to start monitoring, filtering and blocking all the Internet traffic on your network. You can easily enforce policies for individuals, groups or your entire organization through central management control. Comprehensive reporting is on-box so you can generate customized reports automatically or monitor your Web traffic in real time. The iPrism Web Filter takes the burden off your IT department with its seamless set-and-forget technology.

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True Scalability
With a range of h-Series appliance models from which to choose, the iPrism Web Filter has a model to fit any size organization and any size pipeline. The power and speed of the h-Series allows it to handle increased traffic as your business grows.

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Bandwidth Management
Bandwidth intensive sites such as YouTube, MySpace and others can consume the resources you need to assure business continuity. iPrism gives you real-time visibility into your network traffic and allows you to easily block sites that cause traffic jams.

Lowest TCO
iPrism's combination of all-in-one pricing, self-contained appliance-based technology and zero maintenance requirement combines to give it the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. With comprehensive reporting on-box, there's no extra charge to receive all of iPrism's robust features, including anti-virus, and never any additional software or hardware to purchase.

iPrism Protects Companies from Internet-Based Threats

Employee Productivity
Decline in productivity due to employee Web surfing is well documented and costs businesses billions in lost productivity. Secure management of your businesses Web activity is the only way to mitigate this destructive trend.

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Network Threats
iPrism's multi-layered technology combines award-winning antivirus with URL blocking to give you the strong line of defense you need to keep your networks and systems secure.

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Legal Liability
The news is full of reports of legal battles lost by companies that fail to protect employees and clients from in appropriate Internet content.

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