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iPrism Web Filtering for the Enterprise

Internet-based threats pose dangers for any size company but large enterprise organizations, with their often complex and distributed networks can be particularly vulnerable. Global economies offer new and vast markets but they also expose organizations to global Internet threats that can adversely affect the bottom line.

In these economically trying times, corporate Internet security is critical because hard times are more likely to breed desperate attacks from outside as well as within organizations. EdgeWave understands the risks faced by large enterprises and our Prism Web Filter, a dedicated appliance-based solution, has the scalability, security and performance you need to secure your organization from Internet-based threats by managing Web access across your enterprise.

The Perfect Fit for Enterprise

Here's why the iPrism Web Filter should be part of your organization's network security strategy:

Easy installation and maintenance conserves your IT resources - The iPrism Web Filter can be deployed in any Network scenario whether its complex, combined or distributed and requires little to no maintenance. In addition, iPrism engineers have experience with a wide range of deployments and are available to assure that your installation and configuration goes smoothly. We can even ship your iPrism preconfigured to fit your exact requirements.

Enforces AUP, security policies and regulatory requirements - iPrism allows you to enforce your acceptable use and security policies across your organization with flexible group and individual options centrally managed. Comprehensive reporting that includes real time monitoring lets you generate management roll-up reports within minutes. iPrism enterprise-wide reporting helps you fulfill regulatory requirements such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and CIPA.

Safeguards network uptime - An interruption in Network operations, even a brief one, can mean huge losses for any size organization but large companies can be especially vulnerable. iPrism stops threats that can undermine your network integrity such as spyware, malware, viruses, phishing, Trojans and a host of others. And because iPrism sits at your network's perimeter, threats are stopped before they get anywhere near your internal servers.

Reduces legal liability - iPrism helps organizations avoid legal vulnerability by providing 24/7 monitoring and reporting on all Internet traffic across the organization and blocking offensive traffic that can cause problems. iPrism also retains detailed reports that can help you fulfill federal evidentiary rules should legal issues arise.

Increases employee productivity - Non-work related Web surfing can be a significant problem unless you are managing your employees' Internet access. iPrism lets you impose the boundaries required to keep your employees on-task throughout your organization.

Offers total interoperability on any platform - As a dedicated appliance, iPrism is fits seamlessly into any network schematic and is the only Web filtering appliance that is authorized Citrix Ready by Citrix engineers.

Easy-to-Deploy Solutions for Every Network

Manufacturing - iPrism Web Filter maximizes employee productivity and helps fulfill SOX, GBLA and other regulatory requirements

Healthcare - Protects sensitive patient data and helps meet HIPAA requirements

Finance - Secures customer data, prevents loss of intellectual property'
 Government - Secures Internet traffic across government agencies, protects sensitive data

Citrix Environments - Seamless integration - the only Citrix Ready appliance-based Web filter on the market

Education - Originally designed for schools, iPrism protects students and helps schools meet CIPA compliance