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iPrism Web Filtering for Education

Accurate and Reliable Protection from iPrism Web Filter
iPrism Web Filter is the Internet filtering solution originally designed for schools. With its ease-of-use, rich feature set and low price, it's the perfect choice for schools and libraries:
  • iPrism is a comprehensive self-contained solution- No additional hardware or software needed
  • Proprietary kernel-level filtering gives you the speed of pass-by technology and the accuracy of pass-through - no one else has it
  • Low acquisition and renewal pricing - no extra cost for IM, P2P and spyware blocking
  • Self-contained appliance means no additional hardware or software needed - Installs in minutes for 24/7 protection
  • Hardened and optimized OS works with any network topology, impervious to hackers
  • Comprehensive on-box reporting helps you comply with CIPA and qualify for critical E-Rate funds
  • Exclusive iGuard database is 100% human reviewed giving you unrivalled accuracy. With over 80 categories to choose from, you can customize iPrism to fit your schools AUP and Security Policy
  • New multi-layered antivirus protects your network from malware/virus

iPrism Web Filter Delivers Performance and Protection with Unmatched Value
As Internet-based threats continue to increase, your costs for deploying, maintaining and renewing an Internet filtering solution can also rise. Many Web filtering solutions include large premiums for fighting specific threats such as spyware and malware. In some cases, their renewal costs can be as expensive as an initial purchase. That's where iPrism Web Filter distinguishes itself as the true value leader for schools.

Proven and Trusted Technology

With over ten years of experience in developing security solutions, EdgeWave Software is proud of iPrism Web Fitler's track record of excellence. iPrism Web Filter has protected millions of students from Internet-based threats, thousands of administrators from runaway costs, and hundreds of IT professionals from resource drain. As the winner of Media and Methods' Award Portfolio for the past three years, and last year's winner of the IDC #1 ranked Web filtering appliance, iPrism has clearly delivered on its promise to protect both students and networks from the dangers of Internet-based threats. Now and in the future, we are committed to delivering the superior security, performance and value you've come to expect from iPrism.

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