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iARP™ - Automated Rating Protocol

The iPrism Web Filter offers you the opportunity to increase the relevancy of your filtering efforts by adding unfiltered URLS to your database, automatically. iPrism's proprietary Automated Rating Protocol (iARP™) feature takes the 100 unrated URLS most frequently accessed by your employees and sends them to the iGuard team where they are analyzed, categorized and returned to your iPrism Web Filter with your daily or hourly database updates.

This unique feature provides added protection for your organization:
  • iARP customizes the iGuard database for your organization by adding the unfiltered URLs employees use every day
  • It allows you to add URLs automatically, eliminating the need to manually submit URLs you want to include in your database
  • Insures that if a site cannot be rated using iARP, your administrator can rate it using Filter Manager

iARP is easy to use:
  1. Your iPrism automatically submits the top 100 URLS that are currently unrated to the iGuard team. If you have multiple iPrisms, there will be a top 100 from each one depending on where they located.
  2. Your iPrism administrator is emailed the list of URLs as they are sent to iGuard
  3. After the list has been reviewed and categorized by iGuard, it is emailed back to the iPrism administrator so that you always know what sites are being added
  4. The newly rated URLs are sent to your iPrism as part of your automatic database update
  5. If a site cannot be rated by the iGuard team, a notice is sent and your iPrism administrator can rate it using Filter Manager

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