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Mobile Filtering

The ability to filter your employees' Internet access whether they are working in the office, telecommuting from home, on the road or in a remote location, has made mobile filtering more critical than ever. The growth of mobile devices and a movement toward more flexible work environments has influenced a trend that was already well underway. Now, it is expected that employees and students can log on to your corporate or school networks from anywhere they might be - at home, in a coffee shop or waiting for a plane. This can enhance productivity, communications and convenience but it won't work unless you can insure that your Web access policies are enforced no matter where users are located.

Mobile Filter for Remote Users

Making sure your Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is enforced for employees and fulfilling school CIPA requirements is easy with the iPrism Web Filter. By proxying your users through a VPN (virtual private network) they can access your network and the Internet and their session will be monitored and blocked the same as if they were at your location. Setting up a proxy to the iPrism from mobile users is easy using your corporate or school VPN. Below is an illustration of proxying to iPrism.

Mobile Filter Proxy Diagram

  • Mobile device establishes an HTTP Proxy connection to the iPrism mobile filter. iPrism is configured to present the web proxy via the external interface. Customer firewall rules must be modified to allow proxy connections.
  • Only Web traffic is filtered (HTTP, HTTPS) through the remote filter, not IM/P2P
  • iPrism mobile filtering and remote filtering is supported for both Transparent-Mode (Bridge) and Proxy-Mode

 See interactive demo