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Legal Liability

Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) protect against Legal Liability

With a clear and concise Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), your organization establishes rules on how resources such as the
Legal Liability
Internet are to be used. As Internet-based threats have grown over the years, so has the risk of legal liability. It's no longer a game of controlling only one kind of communication (HTTP traffic), because now there are more ways to connect your employees with the world outside your network. This has given rise to growing legal concerns - enough to warrant state and federal legislation requiring compliance.

You could be contending with both internal and external forces in trying to manage your employees' Internet habits. External forces use blended threats to try and lure users to inappropriate Web surfing, while a lack of internal vigilance leads to Internet abuse inside your organization. Your risk of liability has consequences extending from the financial losses of legal fees and fines to the sting of negative publicity and/or scandal. The resulting damage can last indefinitely. That's why the best way to protect yourself is with a comprehensive acceptable use policy (aup).

The iPrism Web Filter is a powerful and reliable solution that allows you to protect your organization from both internal and external risks of liability associated with Internet access. iPrism is a tool that can help you enforce your acceptable use policy (aup).

Non-Business Related Surfing
Employees accessing offensive or illegal content are not only wasting time, their actions can result in lawsuits. These sites may also deliver spyware or adware applications that are difficult to eradicate. Often even if the offending user logs off, the machine can start delivering offensive pop-ups to other users who log in. Acceptable use policies (aup) help to make it clear to employees about what is and isn't allowed when it comes to Internet use.

Spyware and Malware
Most state/federal compliance legislation mandates severe consequences for the failure to protect sensitive and proprietary data. Spyware and malware are threats because all it takes is one key-logger to provide an outside entity with the login and password to your systems for your legal headaches to begin. Browser hijackers can easily send unsuspecting users to sites containing inappropriate content - a particularly dangerous liability risk for organizations that serve minors. Learn more about iPrism's mult-layered Antivirus protection.

If users are using P2P networks to store and traffic copyright software or media, your organization is responsible for their actions. If you are subject to state/federal legislation that requires you to be compliant with securing your customer, patient, user, and other data from being exploited, P2P networking represents a huge liability as it gives external agents a direct route into your network where they can commit cyber vandalism or theft.