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Employee Productivity
Employee Productivity

Business Internet Filters Increase Employee Productivity
"Video snacking", job search, IM chat, webmail, blogging, file sharing, shopping, streaming music/video, online gaming... there are a lot of ways for your employees to waste time at work and each of them is a compelling reason for your organization to have a business internet filtering solution. However, if you rely only on an AUP, you can set an expectation, but it does nothing to enforce the internet policy and combat productivity loss.

The iPrism Web Filter is a powerful business internet filter that enforces your AUP, ensuring that the resources you provide your users help them achieve business goals, not undermine them through loss of productivity. Employee Internet abuse is not going away. According to a recent poll by the Computer Security Institute, 78 percent of companies surveyed reported employee abuse of Internet privileges.

Non-Business Related Surfing -- Using the Internet for personal pursuits erodes productivity and can consume network bandwidth. Every new "Tube Storm" that has half your employees watching the same video at their desks can cripple your network. And "video snacking" means that lunch time now equals down time for your business applications.

Inappropriate Content -- Web sites with pornographic, racist, violent or hostile subject matter can have serious consequences when accessed by employees at work. Many companies have had to deal with lawsuits brought as the result of employees downloading objectionable material. Schools are required by CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) to protect students from harmful content or risk losing critical e-Rate funds.

Spyware/Malware -- These threats have been highly successful at draining system resources and even crippling machines. Maximizing your users' productivity with a business internet filter becomes impossible when their systems are struggling to open applications. They can also drain your IT resources trying to repair the damage they inflict.

Anonymizer Sites -- These sites allow users to cloak their identity by accessing the internet through special sites that give them anonymity, and more importantly, attempt to subvert your acceptable use policy. Schools must contend with students' attempts to bypass Internet filters via anonymizer sites.

Peer-to-Peer Networking (P2P) -- While it is relatively easy to set up a P2P network, it's difficult to track down that song or movie you are looking for. Users can spend hours finding and downloading their media wish lists, putting your business goals at risk.

iPrism Prevents Productivity Loss

The iPrism Web Filter gives you the tools you need to enforce your AUP and assure that your sensitive data and intellectual property are protected from employee threat whether intentional or accidental. Only iPrism delivers the flexibility and power you need in a business internet filter to keep your employees and students on-task while protecting your network:
  • Stops threats from spyware, malware, P2P and inappropriate content
  • iPrism offers the best anonymizer defense in the industry with unrivalled proxy blocking and real time anonymizer detection
  • Exclusive four-factored antivirus keeps your network safe from both inadvertent and/or intentional virus and malware attacks
  • Comprehensive on-box reporting and real-time monitoring give you visibility into online behavior with views of both historical and real time Internet activity across your organization. Learn more about Employee Monitoring.