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AV/Malware Protection
Antivirus and Malware Protection

Spyware Filter, Malware Protection & Antivirus Stops Malicious Threats

No one has to tell you how time-consuming and dangerous spyware and malware infections can be. Once they invade your network, they are notoriously difficult to defeat. Ads, pop-up windows or malicious agents can be delivered via a number of routes - the Internet, email or IM. These malicious agents can damage your networks and workstations or slow operations to a crawl. They can turn your PCs into "zombies" that spew spam from your company to other victims, causing your domain to be blacklisted. Overworked IT administrators are left to deal with employee complaints and the degradation of network performance.

These destructive agents can enter your network via your Internet access in number of ways:

Spyware/Malware Infected Sites - employees or students visiting infected sites can unwittingly download destructive agents.
Instant Messaging (IM) - The popularity of IM has made it an easy vehicle for the delivery of viruses, spyware, phishing scams and other malicious Internet-based threats
Peer-to-Peer Networking (P2P) - P2P can deliver damaging agents as well as provide a way for someone to export proprietary customer, product, and financial data
Device Hacking One of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to your network is to find a vulnerable point/device on your network and focus the attack there.

iPrism with Multilayered Antivirus is the Best Defense

The iPrism Web Filter, powered by the high-performance h-Series appliances defends against Internet-based threats at the perimeter, before they can get near your network.

Blocks IM and P2P
iPrism blocks IM and P2P applications and has a spyware filter to ensure you have malware protection. Trojans and phishing are blocked long before they can harm your networks and systems. In addition, iPrism keeps proprietary data and sensitive customer information from leaving your company. Your intellectual property and customer records are always secure.

iPrism has Never Been Hacked
The iPrism h-Series of appliances, with its proprietary hardened and optimized technology, has never been hacked by either external or internal agents. And iPrism doesn't require you to patch the OS or the application on a monthly basis to ensure this high standard of security

Multi-layered Antivirus
iPrism Web Filter offers onboard Antivirus for robust, accurate and comprehensive defense against viruses and gives you malware protection. Even if you are already using an antivirus solution, iPrism antivirus adds another layer of security by scanning all incoming HTTP traffic and blocking malware before it can reach your end-users. The iPrism antivirus runs "on-box", meaning simple deployment and management, and no extra hardware is required. Plus, you get even more protection because the powerful and proprietary iGuard database also has a spyware filter and built-in malware protection.

Real-time scanning -- With millions of users worldwide, iPrism antivirus is continually scanning to identify and block malicious agents. To date, more than 450,000 agents have been identified and blocked.

Unsurpassed Accuracy - the iPrism antivirus engine uses a four-factor detection system that virtually eliminates false positives and false negatives, streamlining performance in critical high-throughput environments

Four Factor Detection:
  • Signatures -- iPrism antivirus signature database is the largest on record with well over 450,000 discrete pieces of malicious code identified.
  • Advanced Heuristics -- iPrism antivirus scans virus files for program instructions and notes that represent the essential damaging behavior. iPrism antivirus advanced heuristics technology helps to limit the size of antivirus definition files and keeps iPrism ahead of the virus creators.
  • Emulation - iPrism antivirus can simulate execution of a program and see which Windows operating system calls the program attempts. This allows our Antivirus engine to identify malicious behavior in a safe environment separate from the host operating system.
  • Neural Network Detection -- iPrism antivirus works intelligently, learning from the behaviors and characteristics of identified malware code to identify and block new threats.
The four factor detection works to make sure the spyware filter, malware protection and antivirus stop threats from entering the network perimeter.