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iPrism Web Filter Deployment

The iPrism Web Filter is easily integrated into a wide variety of network configurations. Because it is a completely self-contained solution with its own hardened and optimized operating system, the iPrism is platform agnostic with comprehensive interoperability. Our engineers have been successful in deploying the iPrism Web Filter into complex, legacy networks and will work with customers who have specific or non-standard requirements.

iPrism's Exclusive Transparent Bridge Deployment

iPrism's exclusive transparent bridge deployment delivers powerful Web filtering that won't introduce latency to your network traffic no matter how busy your network gets. Even networks with the largest pipelines are easily managed by iPrism's combination of seamless in-line deployment and kernel-level filtering technology.

Installing an iPrism appliance in its typical Transparent Bridge Mode has several benefits:
  • iPrism combines the accuracy and security of pass-through filters with the speed of a pass-by or sniffer-type solution, giving you the best of both worlds:
    • Pass-thru traffic is securely monitored defeating any attempts to circumvent the iPrism filter
    • Pass-by traffic is picked up and pages are blocked according to your organization's policies
    • Kernel-level filtering means the appliance is not acting in proxy mode and latency is never introduced into the process
  • Flexible transparent deployment means the iPrism appliance can still function as a direct proxy when deployed in Transparent Bridge Mode.
    • Functioning in both modes simultaneously allows greater flexibility in deployment.
    • Proxy functionality is available for remote users who may not use the same gateway to the Internet as on-site users
  • Because all traffic flows over the iPrism Transparent Bridge, features and functionality that take advantage of this visibility can be easily downloaded to the iPrism Web Filter
  • Single Point of Failure issues are eliminated with the Bypass Module on the NIC because any problems with the iPrism will not affect normal network operations or performance
  • As a stand alone appliance with no additional software or servers required, the iPrism has greater flexibility in adapting to a wide range of network scenarios involving mixed platforms, legacy systems and other variants