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iPrism Web Filters - A Web Filtering Software Solution That Means Business
There are two kinds of web filters: hardware (usually firewall or network configuration) and software (installed web filtering programs). Hardware web filters involve configuring a firewall to restrict outgoing access based on IP addresses or URLs. Software web filters are programs installed on an individual computer or on a central server which use a database of known sites to filter internet traffic.

The problem with software-based web filters is that either an individual program has to be installed and independently maintained on every computer or servers have to be allocated and configured to run it, which can require reconfiguring your network. Hardware-based web filtering requires manual updates, and it doesn't offer fine-grained content control. Software and hardware web filtering can demand huge investments of time and technical know-how to configure. Also, these web filters have gaps in coverage, either from increasing loads or lags in updating the web filter criteria. These solutions depend on you to identify internet threats; without constant and accurate web filter updates, the database of sites gets outdated and ineffective.

iPrism web filtering offers a combined approach, with flexible control of software and natural network integration of hardware. It has a dedicated, specialized hardware device with fully-integrated web filtering programs plus a content-aware URL database, called iGuard, which has web filtering data for millions of pages and is continually, and automatically, refreshed.

As a hardware web filter, the iPrism appliance can be configured on the network as either a proxy web server or as a transparent bridge, which doesn't require any changes to the existing network configuration; the iPrism web filtering device is just plugged in between the router and the hub on the network. All internet traffic, inbound and outbound, passes through the iPrism web filter. iPrism web filters use kernel-level web filtering, meaning it occurs at the operating system level rather than being routed to an application. This makes the web filtering process much faster while assuring that no packet is missed.

iGuard is an innovative web filter database which treats individual URLs as members of a category. Pages are reviewed by both automated content web filters and humans and then categorized based on content and context. Admins choose the types of web filter categories to block with fine-grained accuracy. Both incoming and outgoing requests are compared against the web filter database so that blocked content is caught. Because web filtering is based on the category, the web filter doesn't need updated when new pages are identified. Because categories are made up of individual pages, sites can still be accessed even if a single page is blocked.

iPrism also makes managing web filtering easier, with features designed uniquely for business analysis and business environments: Profile web filters. Different users can be allowed access to different types of URL categories. Relevant web filter reporting. iPrism creates custom web filter reports on blocked content and bandwidth usage, ranging from the complete network down to a single workstation. Logging and monitoring IM traffic. iPrism web filters allow your employees to use a variety of IM programs freely, while displaying customizable usage warnings and logging all traffic. Comprehensive web filter protection. Perimeter web filtering protects against all kinds of internet threats: spyware, viruses and malware, questionable content, phishing and hacking . It filters traffic from web browsing, email, peer-to-peer applications, and instant messaging applications, so that all potential vulnerabilities are covered.

EdgeWave is proud to announce the release of our Mobile Device Security solutions for employees who engage in business on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Also review or new Social Media Security products for corporations and goverment agencies. Also review or new Social Media Security products for corporations and goverment agencies.

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